Top 10 Private jets make you feel happy


1. Airbus A380

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Find the ultimate private air jet trip in the form of Airbus A380 and take the sky as yours. It’s like flying palace that consists of elevators which was owned by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

2. Boeing 747-8

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It is referred as ‘Dreamliner’ that looks like a portable palace which is a four engine giant plane. The interior look and features are specially designed for high level VIP’s.

3. Boeing 757

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This is a twin engine jet airliner which is commonly used on commercial flights. The gold plated seat belts are nearly $100 million price tag that owned second time by the Donald from Paul Allen, Microsoft Co-founder.

4. Airbus ACJ319

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It is one of the most popular members of the corporate jet family with various comfortable facilities for customers like spacious cabin, freedom to move which allows them with wings of their life.

5. Bombardier Global 8000

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It provides a high class features in interior with combined comfortable cabin and range capability of seating. It still uses the natural resources to fly farther in a very low fuel burn and lowest emissions.

6. Sukhoi Superjey 100

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This modern fly-by-wire twin engine jet is specially designed for high achievers who have freedom to fly over the world over in a short notice. It has all comfortable features for their convenience.

7. Bombardier BD-700

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It’s a famous and favourite flying jet of Bill Gates and makes sure that it is the only jet that designed with all latest technologies. This jet can fly non-stop to any different locations with capacity of eight members.

8. Embraer Legacy 650

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Embraer Legacy 650 belongs to Jackie Chan as his favourite private jet. He painted that with china’s flag along with his own personal logo decorated on the jet’s exterior surface.

9. Hawker 4000

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A professional Spanish golfer brought this jet for his private use for $22 million dollars and uses for his tournaments travelling locations. He feels it is safe and fastest journey.

10. Challenger 600

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It was designed by Bombardier the Challenger 600 family with enough spacious cabins along with adaptable flight capabilities. There is a built-in washroom, 12 sear configuration and long spacious flight range.


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