Top 10 places for adventure sports in the world


1. Para-Gliding, France

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Soaring through the blue sky and even within the fluffy white cloud formations we see from below gives a feeling of completeness. The bird’s eye view of the land below with the breeze rushing against the face is an exhilarating experience to Para-glide. The best place for this adventure sport is at Charmonix , Mont Blanc in France. The training , equipment and lay of the region are perfect from novice to the pros.

2. Bungee Jumping, Macau Tower in China

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Rushing at neck breaking speed towards earth, and just when it all seems to be the end of life pulled back like a spring end, that’s bungee jumping and the test it places on human courage. It is however quite a safe sport as the equipment is well tested and certified for. It is a mental exercise more. The Macau Tower is China is listed as the highest point for this sport.

3. Canoeing & Kayaking, Norwegian Fjords In Norway

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Using both brain and brawn to avoid the jutting rocks of the river makes navigating the rapids even more thrilling. Kayaking can also be done into caves where a river flows into. The Norwegian fjords offer the best spots for undertaking this sport.

4. Glacier Climbing, Jostedal Ice Cap in Norway

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The glass like surface from which it gets its name the glacier offers the human the best opportunity to test their skill and mental fiber. Knowledge of the ice surface, methods to scale it and the specialized equipment required for this sport makes it a very professional sport. The Jostedal Ice Cap in Norway is the most recommended place for this sport.

5. Dirt Biking, UK

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Relishing the open air on this compact light weight specially designed bike is a thrill of its own. The terrain ensures the biker experiences a roller coaster effect on the bike. The trail even leads through very precipitous routes giving a life time thrill of an experience. The sport was started from  UK which yet has the best circuits for this sport.

6. Skiing In European Alps

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Not just adventure sport but an athletic sport where official competition is held that is how popular skiing has turned into. Sliding over snow at break neck speeds and the cold wind slicing the uncovered parts of the face gives a thrill incomparable. The European Alps is the best place for this sport.

7. Kite Wing at San Diego, California

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Using this apparatus, the sportsman is lifted by wind power over different surfaces like land, water, snow etc. wind conditions and the terrain of the region is important for this sport. The most recommended spot for this sport is at San Diego, California.

8. Bobsledding at St. Moritz, Switzerland

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Sleighing down a glacial incline, this thrilling sport is a recent entry into the realm of adventure sports. Once again the hilly terrain is where this sport can  best be experienced. Best place for this sport is at Switzerland, St. Moritz.

9. Scuba Diving in Blue Hole, Tiran

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Scuba, A Deep water or even shallow water diving with the full gear requires no swimming expertise which will be an amazing experience with full of thrills and fun. The Blue Hole, El Minya at Tiran starit offers both equipment and locale for this wonderful sport.

10. Zorbing, New Zealand

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Another thrilling and entertaining sport is rolling downhill in an inflated ball also popularly known as the recreation sport. The bumpy ride is best experienced in New Zealand which is operating from 1995.

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