Top 10 James bond movie locations! Which are mind Bubbling


1. Fontainebleau Hotel; Miami Beach, Florida

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The ever remembered Bond movie, Goldfinger had its opening scene shot at the pool side of this hotel in Miami. The ocean facing pool was propped up by architect Morris Lapidus the effects of which yet remain.

2. Ascot Racecourse; Ascot, Berkshire, UK

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View to a Kill has one of its scene shot at this locale which is but 50 minutes drive from London. The race course is also famous for the yearly Royal equestrian event which even the Queen attends along with other royal household members.

3. Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum; Key West, Florida

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In License to Kill, Timothy Dalton has to play a running scene amongst the floors of this famous museum in Florida. This is the house of Nobel Prize winner Earnest Hemingway.

4. Giza Plateau; Giza, Egypt

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One of the most acclaimed Ian Fleming, Bond movie series was “The spy who loved me”. The Giza Plateau in Egypt had been extensively used for the shots in this film which was nominated for many Oscar Awards.

5. Himeji Castle; Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

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Sean Connery starring You Only Live Twice has him being trained under his Japanese tutor at this Castle. The scene was shot in this castle premise which dates back to 1333.

6. Monastery of the Holy Trinity; Meteor, Greece

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For Your eyes only has the ever agile Bond climbing up the cliff face and reaching the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Meteora, located in Greece. Visitors could however reach the monastery via the steps that is available.

7. Basilica Cistern – Istanbul, Turkey

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In the film, James Bond and his colleague from Istanbul have to make a getaway via the myriad of waterways that flow under Istanbul. The scene remains etched in most all bond lovers’ memory.

8. Taj Lake Palace and Jagmandir Island Palace; Udaipur, India

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Octopussy , had some scenes shot here. Located in Udaipur the Taj Lake Palace is elegance personified in every which way.

9. James Bond Island; Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

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The man with the golden gun was shot at this scenic location. Christopher Lee is the villain and the entire shooting at Thailand depicts never to be forgotten scenes.

10. Piz Gloria Rotating Restaurant; Schilthorn, Mürren, Switzerland

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The Swiss Alps is where James Bond in the movie had to be shot at. The revolving restaurant yet remains a Bondish relic from those times.