Top 10 Countries Where Indians Can Visit Without Visa


1. Nepal

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Indians can visit Nepal even without a passport. So this is one place that you cannot afford to miss in your lifetime. This country is one beautiful paradise. The capital city of Katmandu, the forest of Chitwan, and Pokra; holds a lot for you. This place has many places worth seeing.

2. Maldives

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This country is famous for being a honeymoon spot for many couples. This county offers you some of the world-class resorts and you can enjoy at some beautiful beaches, blue lagoons and coral reefs.

3. Jordan

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This County has the heritage site of Petra and you can also walk through the desert of Wadi Rum. But the best thing is that country has some extra beautiful hotels where you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

4. Jamaica

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If you love beaches, music, and adventure; then this county is perfect for you. This place is rich in culture and you will enjoy each and every moment spent in this country.

5. Macau

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As an Indian you do not need a visa to visit one of the richest countries of the world, Macau. Macau Tower, Senado Square, and some other spots can be visited in this country.

6. Bhutan

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Peace dwells in Bhutan and you simply do not need a reason to visit this beautiful country.

7. Hong Kong

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If you are looking for ashopping destination without a visa, then this Country is perfect for you.

8. Mauritius

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This country provides you with free visa after you arrive at their country. With this visa you can stay there for 60 days if you want. The beautiful beaches and the delicious seafood awaits you in this beautiful country.

9. Cambodia

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Angkor Wat is reason enough to visit this city when you don’t even require a visa.

10. Bolivia

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This country withholds 6 UNESCO World Heritage site, and you do not need a visa either. This is another country that is a must visit in a lifetime.