Toonz Retail to open 50 stores in two years


Toonz Retail is the leading retailer of the most amazing wear and toys for the kids. This most famous company is now planning to open the 50 stores within two years as it chases a turnover of over Rs. 100 crores by fiscal 2017 to 2018.

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This Toonz Company is also deciding to open 50 stores in the new brand which is named as the ‘Super Young’ by the next year.

In fact, the Managing director and CEO of Toonz Retail had told to PTI “We are estimating at more than Rs 100 Crore Turnover by the 2017 and 2018 financial year. We are also looking to cover the huge gap in the apparel offers in the marketplace with our Super Young brand”.

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He further told,” We are also looking at placing the change with the new brand by opening the small retail stores in the metro cities and also in the premium shopping malls”

Now, this company is operated nearly 100 outlets in both the South and North India.

The CEO of the Toonz Sharad Venkta told, “We have 70 percent of our stores in the South and 30 percent of stores in the North India. Further, we have also planned to open the additional stores in the South India, because of the demanding market in this place”.

Added to that, this kidswear company is modelled as the one stop shop for the kids who are between 0 to 12 years.  Further, it is expanding the network based on the franchise model.

 Global presence of this company

As well as, this company is also looking of entering into the international markets to get the global presence and therefore, it is now having the operational store in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, it also supplies the products to 

  • Nepal
  • Mauritius
  • Fiji

CEO said, “we plan to invest 20 crore in expanding the super Young brand for contributing the sales up to 20 percent”.