Every person nowadays is eager to plan for tourism in overseas and execute such plan without compromising their budget and schedule in any way. If you are thinking of visiting abroad, then you can focus on the best destinations to visit in 2018. You will get an overview about top tourist destinations in the world and be encouraged to explore attractive elements in such destinations. You will get memorable tourism experiences and be satisfied with the smart approach to enhance every aspect of your tourism.


image: chicagotribune.com


Many foreigners these days visit Canada and enjoy every aspect of tourism in this country. The nationwide birthday party celebrated as 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation makes every tourist more contented than ever. Warm-wintered enclaves of vines and olives encourage tourists to explore Canada further. There are many liveable cities in the world. However, Vancouver in Canada is the most famous liveable city. The most attractive things in the dynamic Toronto, unsung Victoria and historic Quebec give memorable tourism experiences to all tourists.


A good combination of tradition and innovation in India nowadays catches the attention of potential tourists.  The best in class architecture in Chandigarh in northern India grasps the concentration of almost everyone who loves architecture.  Urban creations in this purpose-built city make every resident and tourist comfortable, safe and satisfied. A wide range of avenues and parks keeps all tourists busy to explore. Kerala is the most beautiful State and recommended for people who love to explore the natural world and live in the God’s own country.  Hill stations, backwaters and top tourist places make every tourist in Kerala happy.

Granada, Spain

The most outstanding palaces and gardens of Alhambra make Granada in Spain very popular.  The first-class nature of intricate architecture encourages every tourist to visit these historic buildings again.  Forkful of tasty tapas in boisterous bars makes tourists pleased throughout their tourism. You can enjoy different types of sightseeing and feel peace of mind.  The most astounding Renaissance architecture of the towns of Ubeda and Baeza impress all tourists to Spain.

Panama City, Panama

The overall time taken for constructing the Panama City was nearly 10 years. All travellers and goods in the giant cruise ships such as the Caribbean Princess can pass through these 180-foot-wide locks. Claw-foot bathtubs and private balconies in the La Concordia make guests more contented than ever. Many tourists in Panama nowadays get pleasure from the helicopter rides and private sailings around the Gatun Lake.

Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Mongolia is known by the following things.

  • Shifting dunes of the Gobi
  • Attractive green pine forests
  • Tumbling rivers
  • Coruscating upland lakes

Vast rolling steppes

Fans of tour packages designed to explore the natural environment rich in flora and fauna nowadays prefer Mongolia. This is because enormous flocks of sheep, dzo, goats and Bactrian camels in this country.  The state-of-the-art New Ulaan Baatar International Airport supports all foreign travelers to easily reach here.  The annual Naadam Festival in this city involves the most vibrant parade of musicians, monks and athelets.