If you are planning for the first date then you must concern about certain things like location, transport, food, appearance, money and restaurants. First and foremost you must know where you are going exactly. In case you are not unfamiliar part of location then you can plan your route.

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Suppose you are planning for drinking alcohol then it is always better to leave car at home. Sometimes it is good idea to more relaxing for taking cab when compared to rely on the public transport. Try to eat which is high in slow release carbohydrates before your date which might keep you calm and feeling in the control of your nerves.


In a modern world most of the people might get nervous when it comes to choose what they want it from menu on the date. Most of the websites are having their menu in online so just log on and pick what you want.


Your appearance might not about what kind of clothes that you are wearing or whether you are having nice hair cut. Body language can say about you as your clothes and most attractive thing which you can wear for your first date is that smile. You can wear clothes which you feel comfortable.


It is always best idea to check weather forecast when you are meeting outside. Check you take your phone that is fully charged. Leave your problem at door and do what you might to use conversation on the first date to know about each other.