There’s no doubt that surfing is one of the most lovable thrilled water sport all over the world. People often gather at bondi beach for doing surfing, to be frank, bondi beach is the world’s renowned surfing hub. You can get your own broad surfing board or you can rent a board for affordable rates and hit the waves at any time. In fact, there has been a separate surf school running for the beginners to learn more about surfing.

Aqua bumps in Bondi


Well, if you are the art lover and often loves to get engaged with fine art photographic prints than visiting the aqua bumps in bondi would be the best thing do to. Aquabumps is the right destination for the water lovers who loves to snap a print from the natural beauty of doing surfing activities in the beaches. The aqua bumps consists of wide collections of surfing wonders where you can shop those at cheap and affordable rates.

Bondi Icebergs Baths


As the winter season gets started, the Bondi’s icebergs is the only licensed winter water swimming club in the world which gives you cool and warm swimming experience. The Bondi beach iceberg is the gleaming star for all the swimmers all over the world who loves to do swimming activities during the winter seasons. The swimming in winter is in practice right from the ancient history, to be frank; it’s one of the traditional activities carried by the local’s way back from 1929.  

Tamarama Beach


It is one of the most attractive features of the Bondi Beckons. Though it is smaller in size, yet is the most attractive and sexier than many other sightseeing locations of the bondi beckons. For those who are loves to get private sunbath without getting disturbed with the families and children, the tamarama beach would be the right spot destination. If you planning to trip with your friends then visit this beach would be the best place to enjoy, the café site on the tamarama beach would give you the pleasant relaxation.

Photography with Celebrity in bondi beach


Well, the bondi beach is the perfect place for visitor to witness the popular celebrities. It is the hot destination for the celebrities to get relaxes from their highly stuffed routine schedule. You can experience the pleasure of viewing your celebrities in normal life and can even snap photographs on your own with them if they allow.