Many Indians these days think about how to enjoy 15 long weekends in 2018.  They seek travel plans revealed by reliable travel search engines. If you are one among these Indian travel enthusiasts, then you can research regarding where to travel in abroad. This is worthwhile to explore international tourist destinations over domestic tourist destinations.

You may have a plan to take a solo trip or travel with your kith and kin. You can listen to the latest suggestions from travel agencies and experts in international tour packages. It is the right time to make use of the international travel booking facilities based on your travel related ideas.

Travel data analysis

All listeners to the travel data analysis in recent times get an overview about the weekend getaway trends. Passionate travellers nowadays seek the most adventurous things in their abroad tourism and get memorable experiences from the popular travel weekend.  They can compare the renowned international destinations for weakened getaways and make an informed decision.

International destinations

Many Indians these days prefer Bangkok, Dubai and Singapore as their international destinations for the upcoming weekend getaways.  They also get interests to prefer domestic destinations like Kochi, Port Blair, Goa and Mumbai for their weekend getaways within the budget.

The average duration of travel for the most suggested international destinations like Hong Kong, Bali, Bangkok, Dubai and Singapore nowadays is 7 to 8 days.  Potential travellers to the international destinations these days require the complete guidance and how to make an informed decision. They can consult with specialized personnel in the trustworthy travel agency and realize their ideas about the weekend getaways.