The 5 most versatile Pieces for your summer wardrobe


Solid White T-shirt

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One need not give much explanation on why one should surely have a solid white t-shirt in the wardrobe during summers. They can be a perfect option and can be worn with so many things. They are an all-time favorite. Tucked into skits, paired with denim, or worn with a printed pant, they look ever stylish. For this summer if you team up your white t-shirt with a nice printed or floral knee length skirt, you will look perfect.

A Button-Down

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A nicely fitted button-down bottom is a must have during summers. Yu can team up your pair with a check shirt or a printed top. As a button-down you may also choose a short or a long skirt. You may choose to opt for a denim or a bright color skirt.

Lightweight Jacket

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Having a light weighted jacket is a must for summer, with all the off-shoulders and tank tops that you have. This can be your savior in a chilly summer night. You can find a variety of colors and patterns from which you can choose a jacket for yourself. You may opt from a floral or a plain white or a perforated jacket.

Cotton Dress

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A light-weighted and a breathable cotton dress is a must in summer, and so you should surely have it in your wardrobe. Try and pick a dress that is of full pattern or is printed which can be worn with wedges or flats. Classic strips are the best for the summers, and looks very good in a bright sunny day.

Flat Leather Sandal

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Summers can be bad, but then you have to take out ways to enjoy it with some perfect dressing. Choosing the correct footwear is very necessary, and for summer you should definitely have a nice flat leather sandal that would look nice and cool with a variety of outfits. You can choose from a more strappy or a lacy leather sandal, which ever appeals to you.