The state communications watchdog of Russia threatened Friday to forbid the messaging app namely Telegram due to failure of the company behind this service to submit necessary details for registration.

The Roskomnadzor agency has warned that time is running out for the company behind the Telegram to comply with the law. Otherwise Telegram should be blocked in Russia.

The best messaging app

Telegram is a free and the most useful messaging app today. Every user of this app exchanges messages, videos, photos and other content in a group of maximum 5,000 members. This successful app has 100 million users since its launch.  Alexander Zharov is the chief of the agency and addressed the secretive Russian chief executive namely Pavel Durov that he personally call him and inform him to carry out the Russian law.


The watchdog revealed that it sent messages to the company for asking it to send company details for Roskomnadzor’s register. Durov has refused to comply with the regulation of the government in the beginning that would compromise users’ privacy namely the thread paradoxical on his social media account.  He said that it would force every user including Russian officials in high-ranking to communicate via apps as per the United States like WhatsApp. He created VKontakte social media website in Russia before founding the renowned Telegram in the USA.

Durov revealed in April that the app is very conscious about the privacy of every user and the company never made any kind of deal with the government.