Tata Motors launches Tigor at Rs 4.7 lakh 

As people are waiting for Tata new car named Tigor and finally Tata launch this. Rate of this new car is Rs 4.7 lakh for the diesel which is very reasonable. It is expected that this new model of Tata compete other companies products because of its beautiful look and advanced features. This model is just advanced version of the younger sibling Tata Tiago and have the same engine as younger sibling Tata Tiago.

Tata TIGOR comes with its new styling and design approach making it an exclusive market scheme. The new model has more space. The interior architecture of the car is delicately designed with a luxurious patterned seats, along with customizable air expel.


Image source: TWITTER.COM

The best thing about the TIGOR is that company launches it both model petrol as well as diesel. It is expected that rate will increase as the demand of this model increase in the market