STB & MasterCard partners to attract Indian vacationers in Singapore


Indian visitors travelling to Singapore have good and additional reasons to look forward to in their trip. Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and MasterCard have tied up to launch a new offer that is specifically aims at the India tourist. The announcement or venture was launched amidst big showcase as actors like Anil Kapoor and his daughter Sonam Kapoor were roped in for the ad campaign. Both Anil and Sonam are actors of good standing in the Indian cine world.

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Parag Bhatnagar the VP of Master Card for the South Asia region spoke about this tie up mentioning it to be a very attractive offer which allows for Indian tourists planning a trip to Singapore being lucky to get a prize vacation at Singapore in case they are MasterCard holder and user. Reciprocating on this tie up, the Executive director of the Singapore Tourism Board affirmed the increased inflow of visitors to Singapore from India. My providing such extra privileges that would act as incentive to tourists from India, he expected would give the Indian traveler more interest to visit Singapore.

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Users of MasterCard who are interested in availing this opportunity had to fill up their dream ideas of spending time at Singapore on holiday with their family at the Singapore Tourism Board Facebook page or at the MasterCard India face book page.  The grand prize would be a stay for four people completely free at Singapore. There are however 10 other minor rewards also. Winners of these rewards would get a three night stay at Singapore free of charges. The grand prize would be announced in the second week of May while the minor prizes would be announced one every week.


With the arrival of summer vacation period in India there is a rise in travel fervor which both Singapore Tourism Board and MasterCard intends to en-cash upon. Travelers to Singapore in return get to have a chance of turning their dream into reality. It therefore works out to be a win-win situation for both sides. There is no need to actually purchase any ticket using MasterCard for entering into the contest. Just the facebook entry detailing the dream that the individual harbors about visiting Singapore is all that is required. Previous visitors to Singapore would even pen down their experience and how they would like to better it in the next trip.