Valentine’s Day is really an exotic celebration of love and all lovers around the world would want to celebrate this day with their pair. On this special day, he or she wants to give a special gift and extraordinary surprises to his or her girlfriend or boyfriend. Whether you are lovers or honeymoon couples, you just take your lovable person to Goa. It is definitely the most beautiful and romantic place to express your love and have lots of fun and you can visit many exiting places to have a romantic feel.

There are some of the hot places in Goa for the lovers to enjoy your day. They include,

Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel


This hotel is actually located at the north most tip of the Goa. As it is located near the hill region, there you can find the expansive views of the Tiracol River which meets the Arabian Sea. Dolphins are jumping around this area, glorious sunset; beautiful villages with the amazing landscape and etc are the main attractions of this hotel. It might be the most romantic place to have the candle light dinner on the Valentine’s Day.

Go With The Flow


This restaurant is located at the exact point where Baga Creek is meeting the sea. It is housed in the wonderfully resorted Portuguese mansion. So, it is suitable for candle light dinner.

The Leela Hotel

This restaurant has a dreamy setting for the lovers and newly married couples because it overlooks the Sal River.

The Fisherman’s Wharf


The main branch is located in the South Goa and another restaurant is situated in the seaside location for the romantic dinner with the candle lights. It has occasional live band and soothing music to give a real mean to your love.

Private candle light dinner on backwater


In order to make your own style candle light dinner for your lover on this Valentine’s Day, you can book a separate boat and customize your dinner with wine, whisky and everything to enjoy your day with your loveable person.

Whenever you are planning a trip to Goa to celebrate this 2018 Valentine’s Day with your pair, it is definitely a right decision. Giving a surprising candle light dinner to your girl or boy on this extraordinary day is definitely the most beautiful idea to enjoy this lover’s day.