Soon Indian Travelers will be able to take direct flights to New Zealand


For all those who want to travel to and fro New Zealand or are regular travelers of the two countries, here is a good news. India and New Zealand have signed a new deal which will open direct flights between the two countries. The main purpose of the deal being to boost tourism and trade among the two countries.

The travel between the two countries is surely to become easier and also will attract more people as there will be direct air services available between the two countries. The agreement signed between the two counties was witnessed by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

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Air New Zealand, Air India and Singapore Airlines are the operators that are considered to have the potential to run such a direct service. But then there has been no proper announcement that has been made about the airlines which would provide the service. The New Zealand Airlines is now able to code-share with 8 Indian cities including Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, New Delhi, and Bangalore. So this has made possible for the two countries to sign the deal.

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During the deal signing New Zealand’s transport minister said that India was a fast growing country with a huge and a diverse population, and so the country will have great opportunity for New Zealand in terms of tourism and trade. At the same time India is becoming a popular tourist destination among the people in New Zealand and vice versa, this makes the signing of the deal a good opportunity and beneficial for both the countries. Also the Indian President was of a view that many Indian films are being shot in New Zealand, the direct flights will also make it convenient for such travelers. Apart from tourism, the opening of a direct flights between the two countries will reduce the unwanted barriers and will promote more trade options.

With this deal, both the countries are expecting a good amount of growth in the field of tourism and trade. Both countries are making a lot of effort in promoting international trade and tourism, and this is also one of their initiatives in doing so. The deal will attract many travelers and traders of both country to avail this easy service for their benefits, and thus providing income for both the countries. The airlines providing the direct flights will be announced soon.