The top most e-commerce companies are getting into a big deal which creates a turning point in the e-commerce sector. Snapdeal is a good e-commerce website which has been launched in 2010 in New Delhi India. The company at current stages wanted to merge with Flipkart which was based on the signed pact in may 2017. Snapdeal and Flipkart will surely mark the biggest acquisition in the markets of Indian e-commerce industry.

Will snap deal and Flipkart merge?

There are so many questions regarding this offer because many stakeholders of the Snapdeal are clearly into trouble. Some of the stakeholders of the snap deal are Softbank, Ratan Tata and many notable persons in the business industry. If the Snapdeal is likely to merge with Flipkart then proper settlement should happen between to create a proper cash flow in the industry. At earlier stages, Flipkart asked Snapdeal for an offer between $400-$450 dollars but Snapdeal denied the offer.


New offer

Since Softbank holds about 33% of the majority shareholder of Snapdeal any decision regarding merging should be decided by them also. The Snapdeal is now ready to merge with Flipkart only for e-commerce division some of the other divisions like free recharge options, Vulcan express which acts as a logistic arm for Snapdeal will remain with their shares. The deals will get fixed up within 2 or 3 weeks of time. The new change which Snapdeal and Flipkart are going to make is really about to create a big impact in the Indian e-commerce industry. No such big deals have happened in the Indian e-commerce industry still now. So, the shareholders, as well as concerned companies, are getting into lots of discussions about making proper deal amounts to create a massive progress in upcoming years. Wait for next few weeks to get updated on the merging price of Snapdeal.