It’s the end of the season, which means being flooded with roundups about the season that was on social networking systems like Facebook and Instagram. Now, Snapchat has also joined the fun (and riffed off Facebook for once, rather than the other way around) and now offers your 2017 in the review using the pictures and video clips you’ve taken. The function is a first for Snapchat, after last season presenting a way for customers to avoid wasting pictures into a memories section where posts can live previous the 24-hour limit.

Not everyone gets a year-end conclusion, either. You’ll only get one if you stored enough photos and videos all season long. Snap isn’t saying how many that is. But Snapchat’s new function, which the company is contacting a “2017 Story,” is exciting for a number of reasons. With the ability to edit, you can customize the perfect introduction for each one of friends and look forward to creating, even more, Snap Memories in 2018.


Showing people a whole lot of old snaps is advice of how far Snap has developed from the ephemeral texting idea that made it so popular, to begin with. The times of Snapchat as an app mainly for disappearing messages are long gone. A year-in-review video is another way to save their photos and videos, and the more you depend on Snap as your archive of memories, the more complicated it will be to ever give up the app for something else.

“The year-in-review video has been a primary function of Facebook for years. Now Snap is credit the idea, which must feel nice considering how many times Facebook has copied Snapchat during the last couple of decades.”

You’ll discover your year-in-review video within Memories, supposing you stored enough content there to create one. It is private just to you unless you decide to discuss it with a friend. To discover your customized and unique Snapchat memories, basically, tap on the Memories symbol that’s found at the base of the screen. There, you will discover your 2017 story found at the top of the “ALL” tab. Re-watch the best minutes, and the minutes you might’ve forgotten about for yourself. If you decide to discuss all the snacks you ate and all the jokes your friends told in 2017 with your family and friends, you can edit your story and then post.

The 2017 Snapchat memories are here for up the final times of the season.