Women love long skirts for their versatility and comfort. The maxi skirt, which often forms the basis of our styling, is especially fashionable in the spring-summer season. Check out the three most interesting models this summer.

Long skirt every day


image: AliExpress.com

The uniqueness of long skirts is that they are extremely comfortable and can be combined in a variety of styles.

Maxi skirt for an elegant party


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We can combine it with sneakers every day or with high heels when we’re going to an elegant party.

Long cotton skirt and sneakers



It’s a full-featured convenience, often supplemented with a regular T-shirt. Maxi skirts, apart from the high wearing comfort, are distinguished by the emphasis on women’s shapes.

Pencil skirt


image: boden.co.uk
it cannot be too tight. The best and most appropriate cut is a pencil skirt in front of the knee in dark navy blue or black

 Leather skirt


image: stylecaster.com

The leather skirt is extremely sexy and should be in the wardrobe of every woman: