Shoes with heels will be better than flat shoes


Most of the women are using high heels but they will stop using it and prefer sensible shoes or other type of footwear when they get warning of sprained ankles, aching feet or other similar problems.

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But many physiotherapists are saying that the high heels will not create much trouble as people think. They say when women wear shoes with heels will help them to protect their feet as well as their back. Since the heels provide a natural support to the arch in their foot, women get this advantage.

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The flat shoes that many women prefer will be bad for their feet and its posture. Therefore they recommend shoes with heels. Also they have given some important tips to choose the best and suitable shoes.

Things to consider

  • It is always better to prefer the shoes with wider heels for the regular use. Hence your toes will not get cramped and also it will balance your weight easily.
  • The lower heels will not give steep incline to the toes therefore you will not have pressure in your back and toes. The recommended height for the heels is 2 inches which is about 5 cm.
  • Some of the shoes will be having a cushion in the base. Such shoes will be a best option in order to avoid the stain at the balls in your feel.
  • People think that the flat shoes will not give them any issues. But the flat shoes will also create many problems such as swelling and blister etc. It is because when you are using a flat shoe, you will give more pressure to your ankle and back. Hence this will leads to deal with such troubles.
  • If want to purchase a high heel then it is better to prefer the chunky ones because they will give better balance to your weight.
  • Before start wearing the heels you have to train your feet for that. You have to wear heels at least for 15 to 30 minutes so that you will not have any problems when you are using it continuously.

These are the some important things that women has to remember when they are about to choose and use heels.