Shanghai releases etiquette guide for Disneyland visitors


The Disney Resort in Shanghai opens only on the 16th of June, but there have been many visitors who have been trying to take a peek through the gates of the Disney land. On 1st May when the resort gates opened for mega trial open, the resort was left with trashed gardens and broken lampposts. Seeing this the City’s Office and Tourism Bureau have now issued a notice containing a set of guidelines for the people visiting the resort.

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The etiquette guide that has been issued consists of certain basic guidelines which the visitors need to follow and also keep in mind when they are in the resort. The rule list issued by the Shanghai Disney Resort include- no littering, defacing park property, and damaging the landscape of the meticulously gardened theme park. It is also to be kept in mind that the visitors should avoid being rowdy, cutting in line, lying down on the ground. These are the basic things that the visitors of the Resort should keep in mind and should not do.

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There has been issues as this even before where the tickets of entering the Resorts were made excessively high and then when the park’s metro station opened in late April, curious visitors raced to the Disney grounds, this caused damage to the areas outside the park gates. Now the Resort has come up with a list of rules that would set a guideline according to which the visitors should behave in the Park.

Shanghai Disney Resort, a joint venture between Disney and China’s Shanghai Shendi Group which has been specially designed to appeal to Chinese visitors. The park is one of the most awaited parks in Shanghai and the tickets are sold out for the first two weeks and are quickly selling out through the summer.

Since the Resort is being highly awaited, there has been many rumors relating to it. Also seeing the excitement of the people, the Tourism department of Shanghai and the China’s Shanghai Shendi Group are a little worried on how they would manage the visitors. This might be the reason for them issuing the set of basic guidelines.