Sasikala’s claim to TN CM office lacks legitimacy from people, defies Jayalalithaa’s hard-earned legacy

Jayalalitha’s Struggle and rise

Affectionately called ‘The Iron Lady’, Jayalalitha deserved that title because of the hardships she faced to build her political empire. Though introduced by MGR in to politics, it was not through backdoor or any shortcuts she became the CM. Her physical and mental struggles she faced during MGR’s death ignited the fire in her to reach the top. In two years time, she made people accept her as the face of ADMK. Even after losing her CM post due to court verdict against her, she still had the support of people.

Sasikala’s rise

On the other hand, Sasikala hasn’t faced many difficulties to reach the party’s top post. She has never occupied any position in the party or in public life before the sad demise of her friend and former CM. Although Sasikala and her relatives were removed from the party and sent out of Jaya’s residence, Sasikala managed to return through a public apology. But after Jaya’s demise, she has got elevated as Party’s chief within a few days. Adding to that, now she is selected as the party’s CM candidate.

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Voice of Public

Although Sasikala was elected by the MLA’s elected by people, her selection and elevation is not welcomed by most of the public in the state. People like Ashwin, T.Rajendar, PH.Pandian and Sofia Ashraf have raised their voices against this decision. Jayalalitha achieved by her long struggle and determination. Whereas, people feel that Sasikala is entering through the back door by misusing the people’s verdict given to Jayalalitha. In addition to that, speculation among people about Jaya’s death, her earlier expulsion from the party, Midas association and the mafia tag of her close aides are the major factors which has contributed to the opposition of the public. #RIPTN was trending on twitter on the day of announcement of her as CM. Although Social media represent only a section of the society, still they reflect the emotions of everyone in the state.