Sasikala ‘betrayed’ Jayalalithaa and AIADMK, claims party veteran PH Pandian

Former Speaker of the state assembly and senior party member, Mr.PH Pandian broke his silence after the dramatic turn of events taking place in the state. In his interview to the media at his residence along with his son, he raised several questions over the death of former CM and questioned his present party’s general secretary’s credibility and election to the party’s top post.

Apollo days

During the days of Jayalalitha in hospital, no one was allowed to see her except a few ministers and Sasikala. Pandian stated that during his visits, he was never allowed to meet her. He added that the security personnel of CM voluntarily came to him and informed him that CM was eating well and doing well.

Image source: Kaos212.Net

He also claimed that Sasikala and her close members were not worried at the time of announcement of Jayalalitha’s death. He was informed that embalming would take four hours but he questioned how her body was given by the hospital within two hours. He also added that from his knowledge of forensic medicine, the death of former CM was not a natural one. Adding to the list of doubts, he added that she was admitted without consciousness.

Referring to a case of unnatural death in 1967, Pandian said that the events which took place before and after Jaya’s death were similar to it. In that case, a murder for assets was done using undetectable poison.  So, he demanded an enquiry into her death. 

Breaking the promise

Earlier in 2011, Sasikala and some of her close aides were thrown out of the party by Jayalalitha. However, after issuing a public apology, Sasikala alone was allowed inside Poes garden. In her apology, she promised that she will never try to occupy any position in the party. Referring to that incident, Pandian questioned how Sasikala became the general secretary after Jayalalitha’s demise and mentioned it as a betrayal to Jayalalitha and AIADMK. His son later briefed the media on the rules broken in the general secretary selection.

He said, “Party men were forced to say that Sasikala was the only eligible person to become the party’s general secretary and the election procedure for party’s general secretary has not been followed. Sasikala does not deserve to be the CM as she is the owner of state’s leading supplier to TASMAC, Midas”. He added, “The fingerprint of Jayalalitha was used for Aravankuruchi election. It must be checked whether the same was used to seize the assets of her”.