Run by robots: Amazon’s high-tech supermarket may only need 3 staff

As the world moving towards the digital revolution, the Seattle Company Amazon is planning about launching revolutionary ‘Go’ grocery store which doesn’t have much human’s presence, in fact, that store would not even contains the cashiers and bills.   

Just think about the walking into the store grab whatever you like and just walk out of the store without paying for the things which you got from the store, it’s just cool isn’t it? This is what Amazon’s revolutionary ‘Go’ grocery is about. It doesn’t mean that Amazon is about to provide those stuffs at free of cost, rather the entire shopping is about sensor based technology.

Users will be charged in their account for which they took from the shelf of the shop though sensors and the Seattle company is looking to open this revolutionary shopping center at the last of this year 2017 and planning about opening more such innovative shopping centers with the presence of robots in near future.

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With respect to the information received from the trustable sources, it is founded as the Amazon’s ‘GO’ grocery shopping center would hit the floor with the whooping the space coverage of over 40,000 sq feet governed by robots along with presence of just  3 – 10 employees for the entire shop. It’s not to be surprise as the company is still planning to open fully automated store in nearby future, earlier they did their deliveries though drones by skipping human-made deliveries.