Women usually love romantic thing than that of men and they will think that it should happen to them. One should believe that these things are simple to be done without any problem and it is highly effective for those that are managing it in the right way. Every man will not be romantic but they should learn some simple thing which will keep you girl happy. It should be done as surprise for satisfying them in the right way. It will make them feel special and also can create positive vibes around them.


image: markmanson.net

Simple romantic things

It is not necessary to make it surprise or make grand like candle light dinner. Women usually love unexpected things even small things can make them feel good. It could take them to cloud nine and can make them feel really special and the day can be made romantic and special.

  • Small hug from behind can bring smile to her face and its warmth could make her feel like she is in the safe arms.
  • When her men opens door for her then the girl will easily fall for them in a fraction of second and they will never expect them doing this all the time.
  • Funny guys usually score more than that of other as most of the women would like to have a guy who is social and funny.
  • They will expect them to spend time and talk about things revolving them and not about the boring football matches.