Reliance Jio may extends its ‘Happy New Year ‘offer

Despite media reviews declaring that Reliance Jio has prolonged its free Welcome Offer to March, company resources indicate that such a decision has not been taken.

The offer, which contains free voice and data usage, was revealed on September 5 by Mukesh Ambani at Reliance Sectors yearly common conference. At the time, Ambani had said that the company ‘may’ increase the sale if competing providers do not play nice with it.

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Before happy New Year offer, many of us were decided upon Jio welcome offer. Jio is providing out excitement after excitement. First, it was serviced to employees and dealers. Then it was followed by free data and calling to customers who purchase LYF mobile phones.

Soon after this, Jio combined out its free welcome offer and then as a New Year gift to customers Reliance Jio declared its happy New Year offer.

Although there is no formal statement made yet about the extension of Jio free offer. But there is a small sign from Jio that somewhat shows the rumour is right to some extent.