Record breaking petition for Trump tax returns

We the People

  • Obama administration launched this platform to empower the U.S people. It is another means of contacting the white house apart from the other official means of communication. People older than 13 years with a valid email address can file a petition online.
  • The initial threshold to become searchable in is it must cross one hundred and fifty signatures within thirty days. The nest threshold to require a response is 100,000 signatures within thirty days.
  • The topics for filing petition are limited. The white house has powers to remove/disable user accounts and petitions which do not comply with the terms and conditions. However, it is not mandatory that the white house has to respond to the petitions.

Donald Trump’s statement   

The new President of U.S during his campaign stated that he would release his tax returns once the audit gets completed. But he has made a U-turn in his statement and has said that he won’t release it soon. Since 1970’s, IRS has audited tax returns of every president and it has made it mandatory to review them.

Image source: YOUTUBE.COM

New Record

A petition to release the President’s tax returns was filed as soon as Trump took Office. Over 375,000 people signed the petition within six days which is a record for petition signing in the white house website. Trump has not released his returns for decades and he is the first president to do so.  The previous record was in 2012 to announce Westboro Baptist Church legally as a hate group.