A judge in Ludhiana on Friday terminated the bail granted to controversial actress Rakhi Sawant and released fresh warrants against her.

The bail for Rakhi was terminated just a day after the court had granted it to her on Thursday. The judge instructed that she be produced before it on August 7. The bail was granted on Thursday after Rakhi appeared before the court and gave up a day before her hearing. She joined the court dressed in a burqa to prevent being detected.


image: firstpost.com

Court authorities said that the actress had presented an “unconditional apology” to the Valmiki group for her previous comments created on a TV show last year following which an issue was registered against her with the Ludhiana police. Rakhi got the bail after furnishing two bonds of Rs1 lakh each. She later left for Mumbai.

The judge had released a non-bail warrant against her in March this year. The Punjab Police sent a team to Mumbai for her arrest. However, it came back empty-handed as she was not found at her given address.