Bombay boy Purab Kohli is a man juggling between several roles of an actor, a VJ and a model. His most recent project was the second season of the Netflix series- Sense8. However, that isn’t the reason why he’s in the news right now. Purab, with his unconventional looks, was also one of the leading bachelors in the entertainment industry. Sorry ladies, but this isn’t true anymore as Purab has finally hit it off this time. In Goa, the perfect destination for good vibes and merrymaking, he tied the knot with his long time beau Lucy Paton. However, their story didn’t start all of a sudden now. It has been quite some time.


Lucy is a yoga teacher based in the UK, and the couple already has an adorable two-year-old daughter named Inaaya. In this sense, these two lovebirds have set a new example; as in India, it’s still rare to find couples getting hitched after having a child with the judgmental society we have. Purab and Lucy have, however, set a new trend. The Rock On actor himself admitted that he didn’t rush the nuptial affairs as he didn’t want his daughter to feel later that they married in a haste that they got into such a relationship just because of her coming. Hence, this has been a day when both the love of marriage and love of fatherhood was celebrated.

Here’s wishing the newly married lovers a happy marriage and a family life! Cheers!