Popular 7 Desert Holiday Destinations In World


1. The Thar Desert, India


Image source: amargarh.blogspot.com

It occupies of 77, 000 miles of land and form a geomorphic border across India and Pakistan. The eco-friendly nature and beauty attracts worldwide tourists and also seems to be a home for some rare species of wild animals that are not seen in any other part of the countries. The Desert’s Fair and Festivals, Camel Safari, Birds and Animals, the eleven national parks and wildlife sanctuary gives awesome experience for tourists.

2. Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat


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The Great Rann of Kutch is also well known as world’s largest Salt Desert situated in Gujarat. Even though it has a dead land, it is very famous desert. This great beautiful home land consists of different wildlife; variety of handicrafts materials and a prominent festival called ‘Rann Utsav’. The Rann Utsav is a three months long festival that allows tourists to various Rann Sights and to experience the local culture, foods and their kindness.

3. Hot Sahara Desert, Africa


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The Most Hottest Desert of the world, Sahara Desert is a place where you can visit the sights, pyramids, and other historical monuments. The desert safaris and camel caravans are more interesting to do. The Camel safari will be in a safe and secure path and have a night stay with the local nomadic families there. Travelling on camel for long time is difficult but an enjoyable journey with little rest.

4. Rub al Khali – The Largest Sand Desert, Arabian Peninsula


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It is the central part of the Arabian Desert which is also known as Empty Quarter. It is the largest sand desert of the world with red-orange sand bank. The average daily temperature is 47 °C and may reach up to 51 °C. It is an eco-friendly and home town to several animals with water-free atmosphere. It flows into the Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Omen and UAE which had an elongated place of legends.

5. Archaeologies Famous – Gobi Desert, Mongolia


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It is said as the fifth largest desert of the world which is the largest in Asia. It is formed by the rain silhouette cast of the Himalayas. It is the cool desert where depends up on time of year, where you can see a frost and snow on its sandbanks. This is well world famous over to archaeologies for the source of important fossils discoveries –most particularly for Dinosaur Eggs.

6. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Spiti Valley is the Cold Mountain Desert located in at the Peak of Himalayan Mountains in Himachal Pradesh, India. The snow falling desert Mountain Valley of India with high mountain ranges and heavy snowfalls during winter season which is an unavoidable place to visit. It is a Buddhists cultured centre that includes Monastery like Ki and Tabo monastery. During summer season, you can experience with the home of local Gaddi Peoples.

7. Tent at Atacama Desert, Chile


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This is the world’s driest desert that mostly composed with salty lakes and sands where some region of the desert not seen rainfall over 400 years. Its dryness and lack of plant life has leaded this region to be used as a Mars location in films. The Quantum of Solace, The Motorcycle dairies, Space Odyssey and the Spy kids are famous films shot here. The stargazing and the naked night sky are unique experience at this place.

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