Born in Delhi, the Bollywood Badshah  Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan is well known celebrity in the industry. In fact, she is popularly known for her interior designer works and also one among the popular Indian film producers.

Back in early days, she used to hosts few weekly music countdowns in popular music channels and showed her interest in the fashion line. She met Shah Rukh khan and married him before he became a popular cinematic icon in the nation. Apart from being a mom of 3, she perfectly manages her personal life and the business life.

Gauri’s Open Talk

Few weeks before, when she appeared on the Industries famous celebrity talk show being conducted by Karan Johar, she reveled more about herself and also her husband SRK.  In fact, she openly conveyed that if her husband SRK wasn’t been an actor, surely he will be popular architect or interior designer by himself, he posses such a wonderful talent. Apart from that,

Celebrity on Gauri’s ability

The romantic boy of the Bollywood industry Ranbir Kapoor too shared his view on the producer Gauri Khan as she is the guru when it comes to fashion or style, and I never experience such feeling with any other designer other than Gauri khan. She is so professional and knows everything about her profession and her role.


Gauri being a complete woman

Managing the role of mother and perfect wife to her husband, Gauri never faded in her business tactics and also she continues to be in touch with her friends and professional co-workers. She perfectly runs her life with well planned structure and never give burdening feeling to any person who so close to her.

As a conclusion, Gauri khan is a complete woman and whatever she touches has turned gold or good so far.