Perfect destination of love Andamans


1. Neil Island

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Neil Island is one of the hottest place located 40 kilometres away from south of Andaman Islands. The most charming environment decorates the place with sandy beaches, coral reef, and steamy forest. Sail a boat to reach this place from Port Blair. It is also famous for water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling at the beach shores.

2. Campbell Bay

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Enjoy your romantic days in the loveliest nature of Campbell Bay. It is located in the Great Nicobar Island. The main attraction Campbell Bay National park is full of lush green forest that consists of orchids and tree ferns. There are also peculiar animal attractive sights available for visitors like crab-eating macaque, megapode, and Nicobar Pigeon.

3. Little Andaman Island

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A mesmerising island where couples can treat go for an exciting trek experience, enjoy elephant safari and water surfing and boating activities delightfully with their partner. There are two beautiful waterfalls such as white surf waterfall and whisper wave waterfall which is a perfect place for couples to enjoy their lovely day in a nature.

4. Cinque Island

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To experience the beauty of a marine life Cinque Island is the most suitable place. This island is connected with the sand bar where honeymoon couples can visit this coral garden and play in the sandy beach like kids without forgetting their real world machine life style at least on a romantic day with their partner as beautiful memory.

5. Diglipur

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If you are planning your holiday in Andaman, then don’t miss this Diglipur at any cost. Most interesting as well as amazing place for trekking to the saddle peak and walk along the evergreen forest. Enjoy water activities and relax in the beach resorts after a long enjoyment. Alfred caves and the Ross and Smith Island are the nearby places to visit there.



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