The U.S agencies are fast and furious in protecting their country from the missile attacks of North Korea. With a cold war situation happening between North Korea and U.S the Korea updates with a latest missile test. To add more extra protection layer Pentagon is planning some of the most effective plans. Let us see what are the most amazing and new plans which are being launched by pentagon for protecting the people on time.

The safety measure

As a startup for safety measures, US is ready deploy new anti-missile defenses. The west coasts are planning for including Terminal High Altitude Area Defense which is also called as THAAD on anti-ballistic missiles. This is more similar to South Korea to protect themselves from the attacks of North Korea. Same primitive measures have been taken by the whole security measures for saving people and at the same time getting ready for battle.


Why such precautions?

The North Korea has been planting so many testing missiles but recently the last Wednesday’s one was massive. The new type of intercontinental ballistic missile was tested. The specialty of ICBM that can fly over to 13,000 kilometers and the main range of target can be Washington. With such kind of explosive being tested on the way, government has unleashed some of the best plans to protect the nation with all its supreme power.

Does U.S have it?

Being the super power why not? The U.S has got seven THAAD systems which some of the other existing missiles are still being rest on the fort of Texas which is the most secured place. The current locations are not disclosed and that brings U.S as the one strongest power. Prevention is always better than cure so to make everything simple Pentagon has unleashed some of the best plans to continue the calm atmosphere between countries. In the past July, the United States tested a THAAD missile defenses and shot incoming Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM). This adds a layer of security and working experience for people who are ready to carry out the defense program. Just to make people safe and ensure safety without any bomb blasts or man-made disaster pentagon has really gone through some of the plans.

Shield of U.S

The U.S is completely being shielded by the Ground Midcourse Defense System (GMD) which is located in Alaska and California. To add more protection, Aegis is installed in U.S Navy ships to detect any new missile coming through.