Passenger carrying drone will soon hit skies in Dubai

Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV)

The Chinese built E-Hang AAV is a battery operated pod designed to carry one person. This pilot-less drone can travel for more than twenty minutes at more than ninety km per hour. It can fly up to an altitude of 11,500 feet height. The drone is lifted with the help of eight rotors present in the four folding arms. It made its first public appearance at CES 2016.

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Drone Taxi in Dubai

  • Last year it got approval for testing in U.S to function as drone taxi. The NIAS and GOED gave approval to fly in the skies of the state.
  • The world’s leader in drone manufacturing EHAng has joined hands with Dubai RTA at the recent world government summit to introduce and promote AAV in Dubai. The partnership is made with an aim of building the most intelligent transport in the world.
  • At the summit, a senior official of DRTA stated that the vehicles were already tested at DCAA’s site. Flight tests were made in deserts as well as in coastal environments. During the tests, DCAA contributed in defining the safety measures, vehicle inspection and trial permits.
  • The official also added that these steps are part of the country’s self-driving strategy to make almost twenty five percent of driving in to self-driving using different modes of transport. He also added that the ruler of the country is taking these initiatives to transform Dubai in to a smart city. This will provide quick and advanced transport options for public at feasible rates.