Parents are naming their babies after Pokemon Go characters


Everyone is aware of the growing popularity of the game Pokemon Go, and how people are getting addicted to it. Well now it is been seen that people are so much in love with the Pokemon Go characters that they are actually naming their babies after their favorite Pokemon Go characters.

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Reports from the Baby Center, a US based parenting and pregnancy website, shows that there is a remarkable increase in the newborn’s names like Ash, Eevee, Onyx, and Roselia which are all Pokemon Go character names. The report also says that more than half of the website users are involved in the Pokemon games, resulting in these names of their newborns.

Since always it has been seen that many movies, and stars have influenced parents when deciding names of their children, but this trend of naming babies after a game’s characters has been seen never before.

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Current trends show that in US Eevee has climbed up to almost 1377 spots in the list of popular girl name, and same goes with names like Onyx, Star and Ivy. All these names are inspired by the Pokemon Go characters. More surprising is the fact that the character which have not even appeared in the game yet, are trending as popular baby names. This includes names like Roselia and Ash.

Not just babies, Pokemon Go fans are also naming their pets after Pokemon Go characters. This is a kind of craze that has never been created by any other game. These definitely show the raising popularity of the game among people not just in US, but also many other countries, where the game is not even available.

The website, Baby Center, which is in constant search of popular and unique names for babies, is of the view that the coming years will see more and more kids growing up with names inspired by Pokemon Go characters.

With so many people of different counties still waiting for the official release of the game in their country, the game has already gained much more fame than what it expected. Now one should not be surprised to meet a boy or a girl named Pikachu.