Actually Pandora Media Inc chief executive and co founder of Time Westergren plans to step down and he will plan to stay on Oakland based internet Radio Company until and unless new CEO is appointed. In fact Westergren is started his second stint as the Pandora CEO in the year of 2016. Basically Pandora might not instantly return the wraps request to the comment on Westergren ending departure. In fact he has more than 17 years of experience in the Pandora and he has been ceo of this company for last year. During the year of 2002 to 2004, Westergren is the chief executive of this company. This company was at the forefront of the digital streaming and this company has inability to generate the ad revenue. But Pandora had more than eighty million active users at the end of 2016 but he got only 4.4 million paid subscribers.


Everything to know about the Pandora co founder

In fact Westergren is succeeded Brain McAndrews as the company ceo in last year March and he has spearheaded the launch of Pandora company interactive streaming efforts which includes its month on demand service. In previous year, Pandora is rolled out its version of subscription service but Sirius emerges uninterested in the Pandora’s new offers. As everyone knows Pandora is the early pioneer in the streaming music and its grow more than 80 million people. Most of the people are used only free version of this company web radio service so Pandora is struggled to generate the ad revenue.