Organ donation inching closer to 2015 mark


The Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC) has said that this year the city has moved closer to the cadaver donation mark of 2015 which was 42. There have been three consecutive days where the city has witnessed three cadaver donation that has saved up to 10 lives.

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This news has come as a great achievement and it is expected that this year the number of cadaver donation will cross the 2015 mark. Till the 25th of July of this year the number of cadaver donations has touched 34. The figures mean that people are getting more aware of the concept of the organ donation.

A 65-year old was admitted to the Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital on last Sunday, where he was declared brain dead. So his family donated his organs. The man’s kidney was donated at Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital and his liver was donated to a 17-year boy at KEM hospital. Also his eyes were donated to Roshni Eye Bank of Lilavati Hospital.

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ZTCC is a state body that allots cadaver organs to the people who are on the waiting list. The patients who want an organ transplant have to register with the ZTCC.

This state body (ZTCC) is focused on promoting cadaver organ donation and transplantation. ZTCC helps the people get the organ, and to make sure that the organs are distributed fairly to the patients.

Government hospitals get more number of brain dead patients when compared to private hospitals. So it is important that the government hospitals and medical colleges actively report brain dead case, so that more organ donation can be made possible. But then due to the lack of machinery and awareness the hospitals are not able to report and carry forward donations.

Now with the gradual increase in the number of donations, it can be said the hospitals are working on cadaver donations.