Well, it would be one of the most viral news to hear in news. The New Zealand Prime Minster and the leader of the Labour Party, Mrs. Jacinda Ardern is expecting her first child by the month of June later this year.

Confirmation from the Prime Minster

Recently, the leader and PM of New Zealand Jacinda announced that in near future she will be the Prime Minster and also will be the MUM of first child. She also added that she aware of becoming pregnant of her first child just few days before taking the responsible of Prime Minster post, which is in the month of October last year, 2017.

She also never hesitates to describe the role which will be her partner Clarke Gayford about to play vital role in baby care.  The couples added that the pregnancy was truly unexpected; in fact, the doctors once said Jacinda can’t became pregnant without medical help.


image: Stuff.co.nz

Wordings from Jacinda in Social Media

In her social media account, the PM exclaimed that they thought the year 2017 will be the big, but the upcoming days will overcome those expectation and I will be the PM & a MUM, of course there will be lot of questions might arise all over the nation. We have all the plans which are ready to implement and things will be moved as we pre-planned.


In history of politics, the prime minster of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern would be the second women after the Pakistan Ex Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to give birth being a Prime Minster post. Well just like other government employees, she too had her own maternity plans of getting off from the duty for 6 months. Where the Prime Minster role will be handled by the Deputy Prime Minister as they duo manages well so far.