New Skype available: All Windows and Mac users have to update by 1 March

Skype – The platform in which users can able to interact with their buddies in text and as well as via video streaming was launched by the Microsoft. The application Skype available for both windows and as well as the Mac users, in nearby future the Microsoft is planning about upgrading its application Skype by includes some value added features in it.

With respect to the sources in online, it is clear that from the march of this year 2017 Skype will gets its update for its all users and more importantly the older version of the application Skype won’t be in usage, i.e, users may not allowed to sign in to their account by using the older version of Skype from the March of this year.

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Features that can be seen in upcoming Skype update

  • The upcoming update promises about the most convenient platform with the newly designed innovative infrastructure which drives the application to work faster
  • When compared with the older version of the Skype’s the upcoming version would be much lighter and compact.
  • The upcoming version allows group video calling in mobile and also file sharing limits has been increased to 300 MB via cloud.
  • In addition to that the users will have the option of saving video files which are streaming through Skype.
  • In order to experience the new version in windows OS, users must have the system of minimum 512 MB RAM and 1GHz Processor, and for Mac users Minimum 1 GHz Core 2 Duo with 1GB RAM.