New Missile can carry heavy Nukes: North Korea

Few days ago, the North Korea has tested successfully its medium long range rockets. The act has considered as the North Korea’s intention or response to the critics or threads placed against its missile testing act by several top countries all over the world.

The South Korean newly elected leader Moon Jae-in has ordered the detailed reports over the latest missile test carried by the North Korean government right after the successful completion of the missile test. With respect to the reports the new leader of South Korea Mr. Moon quoted that the new missile test carried by the North Korean military forces has the ability to carry heavy nukes in air. And he also quoted that the act of testing such heavy missiles will increase the war tension in the Korean peninsula and he also expecting new sanctions over the Pyongyang actions by the U.N Security Council.


As per the political analyzers, the new missile test carried by the North Korean is mainly focused to challenge the South Korea’s newly elected leader Mr. Moon Jae-in. Early this month, the new leader of South Korea has showed some positive intention and willing to visit the leaders of North Korea.

On the other hand, the North Korean leader Kim has quoted that the nation would conduct more such nuclear capable missile test in order to showcase our strength of nuclear bombs to match the nuclear blackmail of United States of America. Ever since the US army forces sent to Japan proficiency the war clouds on Korean peninsula is never faded.