Never ending vacation to visit in Philippines


1. Banaue Rice Terraces

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To witness the traditional beauty of the Philippines agricultural practices in a perfect manner, this place is the best one. Traditional practices of terrace cultivation can be seen in a splendid background over there.

2. Boracay

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To enjoy nightlife of Philippines in a perfect manner, Boracay is one of the best destinations. There are ever ending splendid beaches now available over there which has many scenic attractions present at different locations. It is most famous for its night activities where many foreign tourists interesting participate very often.

3. Chocolate Hills

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To observe the real artistic beauty of nature by its own, Chocolate Hills is the most famous spot. The scenic beauty of the location is mainly because of the distinct rock formation in this place that formed several years before due to the activities of marine organisms which is believed by many geologists.

4. Donsol

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The traditional place of Donsol is filled with lot of activities for travelers which will be liked by many people. There are countless caves available over there in the middle of the jungles which are very famous for adventurous trips.

5. Puerto Princesa Underground River

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The most famous destination of underwater river is present in this location. There are amazing feature of this river is that it is completely navigable. There are guided tours available for exploring the depths of the river.

6. Puerto Galera

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The best destination for visiting the underwater world is Puerto Galera. Tourists can go for a scuba diving and see the beautiful corals with amazing range of species living over there.

7. Malapascua Island

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It is one of the famous fishing villages that are surrounded by various beauties of nature. The coral fishing in this area is very popular and there is amazing range of scenic spots located over there in remote places.