Nielsen, the company that evaluates TV viewership, declared in Oct that it will be calculating Netflix viewership as well. The organization has released the view depend on the new Will Smith Netflix movie Bright. Nielsen has released some initial viewership numbers, confirming that the movie achieved 11 million US viewers in its first 3 days.

The organization mentioned that Bright being a full-length movie makes its data different from other released for titles on Netflix like Stranger Things and Orange are the New Black. That being said, the movie introduced 11 million TV viewers during its first 3 days on Netflix. Nielsen only tracks TV reviews, so mobile and PC reviews may add to that number. As for Bright, Nielsen says 7 million viewers were between 18 and 49 years old, while 56 % were men and 44 % women.


The agency presented its plans to evaluate Netflix’s audience again in Oct. Since then, it’s mentioned that the primary episode of Stranger Things 2 reached 15.eight million folks in its first 3 days, whereas the second season premiere of The Crown achieved almost three million viewers in the similar period of time.

Netflix has questioned these numbers, saying that Nielsen is simply catching a small portion of the entire; however, the streaming service doesn’t release any viewership knowledge of its personnel.

Netflix has questioned Nielsen’s numbers (and other third-party efforts to evaluate viewing on its service). The streamer particularly said the reports for “Stranger Things” were off by a wide margin; Netflix didn’t react to a demand for discussing the Nielsen numbers for “Bright.”

The movie has generated controversy over its racial allegories. “Bright” is set in another present-day Los Angeles, where Cruz performs a cop joined with the LAPD’s first orc official (Joel Edgerton). The film’s conceit is that orcs are the cheapest social caste, while elves are the highest-ranking category and fairies are hornet-like unwanted pests. “Bright” tries to discover the elegance against orcs as comments on the U.S.’s reputation of racial discord, an effort some have belittled as dropping smooth. Provided by Max Landis and instructed by David Ayer. It informs the tale of two police in a world where dream competitions live in the 21st century right next to people.

Looks like these evaluations didn’t suppress viewers from trying out the movie, nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether or not Bright will start working on the draw in viewers — and whether or not that viewers may have any curiosity in watching the already-greenlit follow up.