In recent years, it’s been hard for every women and girl child in the nation without getting molested or being the victim of sexual harassment. Few days before the DANGAL fame actress Zaira Wasim added into that list sexual harassment while travelling from Delhi to Mumbai in Air Vistara Flight.

According to the source, the minor actress find herself in an difficult position when she noted that someone rubbing her back and neck with foot when she was half asleep during the mid way of travel. Though, she tried to capture his face with her mobile phone due to the dim light victim gets escaped without getting caught in the picture.

Even after she altered the flight attendance, she can’t get support from the flight crew since the flight was descending position for landing, owing to that everyone in the flight are forced to be in wore seat belts. However, the actress didn’t left out she took her social media war by narrating the full incident which she faced in the mid way of air travel. She quoted that she thought his foot touched her due to the turbulence but later she understand that it was like that and she totally uncomfortable to sit as a civilized human being on the seat.


On responding to the matter, the Mumbai police have arrested a 39 year old business man from Mumbai on linking with the incident of actor Zaira Wasim molestation. The 39 year old was identified as Vikas Sachdeva who is a senior executive of an entertainment company with the help of the air line support with respect to the information given by the victimized teenage actor Zaira Wasim.

Following the arrest, the civil aviation authority head Mr. Jayant Sinha released a press note that the Vikas Sachdeva will be barred from air travel and listed in the national no-fly person if he convicted with the crime by the responsible authority. On the other hand, the Mumbai police has charged Vikas Sachdeva under the provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act and summed before the Andheri court. The judicial department remanded the culprit in police custody until December 13th.