Move legs while sitting and keep away from possibilities of arterial disease


Many people throughout the world suffer from arterial disease these days. This health problem is caused by fatty deposits build up in the heart’s artery walls. Once fatty deposits have begun building in the artery walls, the blood flow gets reduced. This problem leads to the most painful cramping in hip, leg numbness, coldness in lower leg, sores on toes, hair loss, shiny skin, slow toenails growth and a weak pulse in feet.

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Qualified doctors these days recommend fidgeting while sitting for more than a half an hour in the same place to protect arteries in legs and keep away from arteries disease. Many people wish to watch TV series, work in front of the computer, play games on the mobile gadget for a long time. They sit in the same position for more than a few hours a day. If they do a small leg fidgeting while sitting, then they can prevent leg vascular function decline.

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Jaume Padilla, an Assistant Professor at the University of Columbia has revealed that a little leg fidgeting for each 10 minutes while sitting can stop a decline in the leg vascular function successfully. In general, fidgeting is used to increase the overall blood flow to low limbs and prevent arterial function decline.

The stationary leg for more than a few couple of minutes reduces the blood flow automatically. On the other hand, the fidgeting leg has increased the blood flow noticeably. Individuals who tap both legs while sitting can maximize the overall blood flow and enhance the health condition without difficulty.

Experienced doctors make sure that a fidgeting is not an alternative for exercise and walking. People who walk or do any physical activity can get more cardiovascular benefits than those who do fidgeting. They will be healthy when they breakup their sitting time and prefer walking or standing as much as possible.