Modi seeks to repair Russia ties on Europe tour

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits India on Friday in an attempt to get back a historic relationship that has washed out over time, seeking to improve collaboration in power, defence and atomic power.

He goes to New Delhi for his first peak with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a time when Russia is at odds with the West over Ukraine, and its economy is slowing down as oil prices crash to their smallest point in 5 decades. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will seek to repair India’s drifting collaboration with Russia when he meets President Vladimir Putin this week, among  wariness over Moscow’s restored interest in New Delhi’s backyard, experts say.


The two managements will look to stem a decline in trade between the once effective economic associates and resolve tensions over their moving global alliances when they meet on Thursday ahead of a summit in St. Petersburg. The two managements are expected to discuss a framework agreement for Moscow to provide more reactors to a nuclear plant in southern India as the nation looks for to reduce its dependency on highly damaging fossil fuel. Russia has provided two reactors to the place under a long-delayed contract and has been forcing to provide more.

But the relationship became unarmored following the failure of the USSR, as India underwent an economic transformation and increasingly desired to build business connections with Western countries. That process has multiplied recently as New Delhi has orbited closer to Washington, and Russia has fostered connections with India’s chief local competitors Pakistan and China, experts say.

“Russia is a tried and reliable friend – a nation that has helped us in times of trouble,” an Indian official told Reuters. “But that relationship has not provided in terms of its financial potential.”

Possibly the most committed area for collaboration will be in atomic power, where Putin is forcing for state-owned Rosatom to increase the number of atomic reactors it could provide to as many as 25.