Mind blowing La Tomatina Festival


La Tomatina is a food festival that has been turned world famous and people from worldwide participating in this biggest food festival each year. There is enough content both live on television and in the print media to announce its arrival and its current year activity. The buildup takes place from the beginning of August every year till its culmination in the last Wednesday of the same month. There are however some interesting facts which may not be so well known.

1. Origin of La Tomatina Festival


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During this food fight festival there are over hundreds of ripe tomatoes are thrown at each other in the streets of Bunol. The excitement and thrill of such a merry fight has made the festival so popular that people from all corners of the world arrive at this small town to participate in this interesting event. The origin of the festival can be traced to 1845 when a parade on the street broke up in a fight ending in the market place and people throwing vegetables at each other. The following year on tomatoes was included and the effect was so colorful that the tomatoes remained as the main and only prop in the festival.

2. Climbing the pole on La Tomatina


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Given the improvisations that people apply to different activity where this fight in present day starts with a local of the town climbing a greasy pole. This greasy pole is set up in the center of the town and ham slice is placed at the very top. The climber needs to retrieve this ham slice. While the man takes a long time to reach the top, the water cannon is splashed on the people below and that signals the start of the fight.  Till date only one person could reach the top of the pole.

3. The Later effect of La Tomatina


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It has been noted that the juice from the tomato helps to keep the streets of the town clean. Fire trucks are used to hose down the streets after the fight from the huge tomato remains. The acid that the tomato contains helps to clean up the street, leaving a sparkling effect.