Mind Blowing Hotels in Dubai


Dubai is one of the seven emirates that form the UAE. Along with Abu Dhabi, it has powers to decide matters of national importance. Dubai is a major business centre in the Middle East. It ranks among the top twenty five costliest cost of living cities across the world.


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Economy of Dubai

  • Although Dubai has oil resources, it contributes a meager amount of income to the country. It is expected that the oil resources will be available only for two more decades. As a result, the government is concentrating on other sources of income.
  • Major sources of income include real estates, financial services, trade and entry pot. It is also concentrating on tourism development. According to a Forbes report in 2013, Dubai was the seventh most visited city in the world based upon the number of people flying to Dubai for a tour.
  • As tourism is a key source of revenue, hotels in Dubai are well equipped and luxurious to meet the demands of its customers around the globe. Out of them a few stand out as best based on the ambiance and facilities.

Burj Al Arab


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  • Being the only hotel rated with ‘7 star’, the hotel offers tremendous facilities which proves its worthiness for its top rating. With rooms equipped with Jacuzzi bathtubs, separate dining setup, multi jet showers, high stool bar area and even a kitchen will give an unimaginable experience of stay.
  • With a average of six workers for a customer, the services are extremely exceptional. The view of the city from the hotel along with the great pools, private beach, variety of restaurants and gold ipads for customers during stay make it an un parallel hotel.

Bab Al Shams Hotel


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Located with a natural landscape of desert and surrounded by dunes, it helps to get the feel of Arabic culture. With a very good cuisine, roof top lounges it will create a sweet memory that will last for lifetime. The camel rides along and the pools make it more attractive and memorable.

Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf


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Located at the middle of gardens, pools, private beach and waterways it is one of the luxurious hotels to stay. Provided with a dedicated butler and happy hours to enjoy complimentary drinks of choice, makes it a great option for people who want to spend their holidays in a relaxed manner.

Armani hotel


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Situated near the new airport, and at the base of Burj Khalifa, it is one of the best luxurious hotels. With restaurants offering dishes of various traditions, bars serving best cocktails and rooms built with best designs, it is an aesthetic luxurious hotel.