Millennials across the rich world are failing to vote

As per the recent survey taken about the millennials it’s pretty clear that the democracy system is in its verge risking its future as the millennials are keep avoiding their interest in political systems. In literal, the millennials are the persons who reached their adulthood stage in the 21st century. On considering the fact about the younger generations are the strong pillars for the future of our human society, the political structure which was in practice is seem to be ignored by the upcoming generations.

Image source: FORBES.COM

The Millennials from the rich countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America, their habits are not in the promising levels. While witnessing the survey rates of polling in the recently held elections on comparing with the stats of the America’s election held in 1972 in which for the first time the adults who passed 18 years allowed to vote, the demographic values are in down falls from the election polling stats of 1972 to 2010 elections. It raises the worries among the experts as if the younger generations keep on fading their interest in voting habit, then it will be a disaster for the elected government’s legitimacy in near future.

To be frank, the millennials are not the first one to be accused for fading themselves against the civic duties. In fact, they are the first generations to step into protest against the wrongs and first generations to opt to be a vegetarian and even interested to being educated well.