Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update begins rolling out


Microsoft is also set and has started to roll out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2nd. This update is the largest update to the PC operating system since 2015.

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The Anniversary Update

The new update of Windows 10 is called 1607 or Build 14393. It is the latest collection of features and apps for the Windows 10. The users of Windows 10 will not get the update immediately; they have to wait for few more weeks. The roll out of the update has coincided with the last date of the free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users to Windows 10.

Features of the update

The new update of Windows 10 will have a more effective presence of Cortona. The use of this virtual assistant can be used for any search. Along with this a new feature called the Windows Ink will be made available which will allow the users to add things to their screens more conveniently.

With this Anniversary update, Microsoft Edge browser will replace the default Internet Explorer. And the use of the new browser will be promoted.

The update is also said to bring up advanced security features that include Windows Hello and dace recognition technology. These features can be used for logging in to websites and apps.

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The update, along with all its features, will be made available for free to all the existing Windows 10 users. But then the ones to get the Anniversary updates first would be the users with the newest or latest hardware, firmware and BIOSes. The users who will have any kind of compatibility issues will also get the update, but a little later.

With this update, Windows has yet again lived up to its goal of providing the best operating system with all the upgrades and updates for free. Whoever has Windows 10 will get a free update option soon, those who are not yet running Windows 10, have to buy Windows 10 and upgrade your PC, before you can get the free Anniversary update. The free upgrade period of Windows 10 got over just a few days back.