Today, Thomson Reuters exposed the world’s 100 leading technology companies in its first Top 100 International Technology Management record which recognizes the most operationally sound and financially successful organizations. Microsoft was rated No.1 in this record and it was followed by Intel, ‘cisco’, IBM, Alphabet, Apple and others. Thomson Reuters Labs came up with this list using a complex 28-data-point algorithm.

Thomson Reuters used a 28-point algorithm to identify those technology companies best placed to achieve the future. These firms are those whose final scores across the pillars outshine over 5,000 other technology companies around the world.

You could also download the full Reuters review (PDF) here that provides you with a lot of information about their statistical process in detail and the full list of the top 100 tech companies. “This achievement clearly demonstrates our relative success in increasing our company to the next level of success by providing the best in technology innovation, customer experience, and trader fulfillment, and most significantly, increasing our standards in corporate sustainability “, he included.

In addition to being identified as the first, true assessment of worldwide technological advancement leaders, these companies outperform the NASDAQ, S&P 500 and MSCI World indices in year-over-year stock price change by 3.91%, 4.04% and 7.1% respectively.

American tech giant Microsoft has been known as the globe’s most powerful technology company in a new industry leaders list, according to Reuters. Our customers depend on us to provide the intelligence, technology and expertise they need to find reliable solutions.

Outperform these spiders across other aspects such as YOY R&D investment, employee percent change and revenue percent change. The forward-looking claims statements speak as of the date hereof, and we disclaim any responsibility to upgrade them, whether as a result of the following event or otherwise.