Memorable visit to Egypt


1. Red Sea Reef

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Go and dive into the world’s most beautiful coast of The Red Sea of Egypt. The wide coral formation extension on the reef allows various sea creatures to survive in the sea. The meeting point of the desert and the ocean is the most amazing scenic in the planet.

2. River Nile Cruise

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Most of the locals and tourists have a dream to have the long Nile Cruise journey that begins from Cairo to the Aswan province. It is a standard fifteen day cruise that gives an opportunity for the travellers to explore the unique and fascinating views of ancient civilisation.

3. Valley of Kings

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The Kings Valley located near Luxor that exists more than 500 years since 16th to 11th century BC. There are 63 tombs with various range of simple to complex size tomb with over 120 chambers. Each royal tomb is decorated with Egyptian Mythology scene which stands as a clue for their beliefs and funeral rituals of that period.

4. Egyptian Museum

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The world famous Egyptian Museum is one of the Cairo’s top attractive destinations of tourist. Among the two floors, the ground floors occupied with an extensive collection of Papyrus and coins used by ancient Egyptians where the first floor filled with artefacts from the two dynasties of Egypt.

5. Siwa Oasis

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Modern Siwi maintain Agriculture as its main activity along with particular cultivation of Dates and Olives. Major attention towards creating hotels using local materials is more useful where the tourism have become the fundamental resource of income in recent years.

6. Dahab

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Dahab is something that turned as an alternative resort for tourists that comes up with cheap accommodation and lay back with the same lifestyle. There are various activities for tourist leisure such as wind Surfing, Scuba diving, Camel and Jeep safaris along the Red Sea. This makes the destination more popular and attractive among people.

7. The Mosque of Ibn Tulun

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This is one of the oldest Mosques which constructed around the Courtyard with a single covered hall on each side of the four sides. The famous James Bond film Parts of ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ were filmed in this mosque.